Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cut Paper Process

Here's a little peek at my process :)

AD Kristin Rogers Brown from Bitch Magazine contacted me about doing an illustration concerning stay at home daughters. These young women decide to stay at home and take care of the household instead of attending college or pursuing a career. They are extremely religious and they believe that their place as females is to obey their fathers and their husbands. I wanted to focus on this overbearing presence of the male figures on the stay-at-home daughter's life.
Here's my approved sketch.

Since this was for an illustrataon job, the final had to look like the approved sketch. (For personal work, I like to let the paper dictate where I cut.) First, I tiled and printed my original image to create a larger version of my sketch. 
 Then I taped the sketch to the rice paper so I know where to cut. After all this preliminary stuff, I finally get to cut into the paper!

. . . and here's the finished piece. 

Along with this full page illustration, I also did a spot for this article.

And here it is on their site!
Once I get my copy of the magazine I'll update soon and thanks again Kristin Rogers Brown!!